Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) as the executive arm of IMIDRO in mining fields is playing an influential role in progress of mining goals of the country. Moreover, given the diversity of its mineral products, the company is pioneer in producing some of special mineral products. Vajihollah Jafari, CEO of the company believes that IMPASCO can play an important role in attracting local and foreign investors and guide them to mining projects. Furthermore based on Article 44 of Constitution, IMPASCO invest in high risk mining explorations and projects in which private sector is unwilling to participate. Here is our interview with IMPASCO’s CEO about the company’s task and roles.

Please introduce Iran minerals Production and Supply Company in brief?
Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) is a subsidiary of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO). The company is 100 percent state-run and is affiliated to Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.
IMPASCO as the only state-run mining company in Iran tries to increase Iran’s mineral reserves by carrying out exploration investigations and also developing exploration activities in high potential areas of the country to discover new reserves. These reserves can be exploited and processed to more value-added products. The company also is responsible to make necessary coordination with the private companies to collaborate in supplying (production or imports) of required raw materials to activate the unutilized capacities of the country.
IMPASCO as the executive arm of IMIDRO plays an essential and basic role in developing mining in the country.

What is this role?  Please explain about this role in Iranian mining and metal industry in detail.
Enjoying large management board and experts, the company has the authority for policy making and operating metal and non metal mines in the country. Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company plays an important role in producing metallurgical coke, coal, gold, ferrochrome, nepheline syenite, phosphate, lime, potash, titanium, lead and zinc.
In addition, one of the company’s goals is to increase the annual output of the minerals in the country to 500 million tons. This amount is equivalent to one percent of Iran’s mineral reserves. Current levels of country’s yearly mineral extraction are about 370 million tons. Increasing the minerals output to 500 million tons will increases mine share from country’s GDP from current range of 1 percent to about 5 percent. In addition to the aforementioned plans the company is planning to exploit rare earth minerals.

You mentioned earlier that IMPASCO is IMIDRO’s executive arm; please explain about IMPASCO’s tasks in detail.
According to the law and the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution, IMIDRO’s duties are development of mines and mining industries in the country, implementing and commissioning of mining projects and mining industries and then transferring it to private companies. As well as carrying out projects in less developed regions and high tech or high risk projects that the private companies unwilling to invest in them. Given that the company is responsible for management of IMIDRO's mine and mining industry; all the related tasks in the mining and mining industries have been granted to our company as the executive arm of IMIDRO. At a more detailed level about company's tasks we can mention the following items:
Executive management of IMIDRO’s mines and mining industries plants;
Implementing the approved projects by the government in the mining sector and mining industries as IMIDRO’s representative;
Increasing investment on equipment procurements to increase output capacities in coal, iron ore, non-ferrous metals, phosphates, gold, and antimony industries;
Carrying out development projects by attracting private sector’s investment (transfer of the commissioned plants to the private sector)
Increasing research and development budgets in proportion to revenues in coal, coke, antimony, chromite and ferrochrome fields and carrying out research activities and projects;
Development of mineral exploration activities in high risk areas or in areas where the private sector is unwilling to participate;
Achieving planned production targets of complexes and plants which are under the company's management and granting affairs of complexes' operations through signing management contracts;
Increasing the average productivity of employees and implementing productivity programs in the plants based on comprehensive model of productivity;
Increasing safety to reduce accidents and improving HSE in the company’s complexes;
Increasing mineral products’ exports;
Execution of knowledge management in the company in order to documentation of experiences of managers and experts;
Implementation of NET system in plants in order to increase productivity of machineries and equipment;
Planning for industrial parks of minerals production in Khor, Qom and Tarood and attracting investment for them.

What goals does the company have considering the development and promotion of country’s mineral and metal industry?
Let me brief our company’s goals as bellow:
Strategy making and supervision of exploration, mining and processing activities in order to provide more accurate and more effective operations and exploitations;
Planning to develop technologies and the scientific support of exploration, mining and processing to enhance productivity in plants and developing new projects;
Supporting exports of mineral products and engineering services;
Supporting the development of general contracting companies and preparing ground to increase their competitiveness in global markets;
Providing supporting facilities for local and foreign investment in order to develop privatization;
Expansion of research activities;
Development of entrepreneurship and increasing management and human resources productivity.

Regarding research and modern technologies, what are IMPASCO’s achievements?
About company's role in research, in addition to carrying out research projects in the mining sector and mining industries, creating a culture of creative thinking and courage in carrying out research projects in the sub-complexes is being considered, which in recent years was focused on the fields of mineral processing (on special) and mineral transport, automation and etc.
Practical execution of the successfully completed research projects’ results is also important mater and the company has a number of projects such as manufacturing mining sensors and replacement of conventional flotation cells by flotation columns in some processing plants.

What plans the company has in order to attract investment for its projects?
The general policy of the company is to produce minerals on the basis of Article 44 of the Constitution and inviting local and foreign investors to invest on development projects of the company. This year the program to attract investment have been done through recall for some projects, including blocks 2 and 3 of East Parvadeh coal mines and also North Kouchakali coal mines in Tabas region. Moreover the company has recall on 12 ongoing projects which need an investment of USD 1.4 billion. The company has spent USD 28.5 million from its internal resources in five projects which their initial financing requirements has been estimated to be around USD 314 million.

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