Middle East Mines and mineral Industries Development Holding Company (MIDHCO) as the largest private company in Iran, relying on the knowledge and expertise in, banking , mining and industrial support and benefit from the most competent natural and legal persons, was founded in 2007 with a capital of $ 33 million. Almost 1.5 million direct and indirect are stakeholders of the company. The capital of the company has increased to $ 780 million since the establishment.
MIDHCO strategy is emphasis on safety, health, environment, social responsibility and development of mining areas in Kerman province. Also in this company about 15 thousand people directly and 150 to 300 thousand people indirectly will work (currently 9,000 people directly). MIDHCO uses wide range of local labor forces and enhancing knowledge of these main power in this region, based on the business Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Subsidiary Companies
15 companies are the subsidiaries of MIDHCO which their major activities are implementation of projects, production, engineering services, construction services, exploration services, Business Services and Transportation, and two companies are established abroad and totally MIDHCO has 17 subsidiaries.In this company 35 big projects have been implemented or are under construction in the field of mining and metal industries such as copper with a capacity of 50000 tons and steel with a capacity of 4.2 million tons.

Plants in operation:
In MIDHCO 10 plants are operating which their major products include:
Zarand iron ore concentrate with a capacity of two million tons.
Sirjan Iron ore concentrate with capacity of two million tons.
Zarand coke and chemicals production with a capacity of 800000 tons.
Pabdana coal processing with a capacity of 550000 tons.
Hamadan Silicon production with a capacity of 12 thousand tons.
Bardsir iron direct reduction with the capacity of a million ton.
Shahr Babak copper tube production with a capacity of 12 thousand tons.
Developing Sirjan iron ore concentrate with the capacity of two million tons.
Developing Zarand iron ore concentrate with the capacity of two million tons.
Zarand iron ore pellets with a capacity of 2.5 million tons.
These factories are operating with the state of the art technologies.

Projects to be commissioned in 2016 – first quarter of 2017.
MIDHCO intends to bring some other projects into operation in addition to aforementioned plants These projects are as follow:
SirjanPelletizing, capacity of 2.5 million tons
Bootia Pelletizing, capacity of 2.5 million tons
copper cathode, capacity of 50000 tons
Hamedan Ferrosilice development with a capacity of 12 thousand tons
Tabas coal processing, capacity of 500 thousand tons
Kerman limestone and dolomite with the capacity of 400 thousand tons
Zarand steel plant with a capacity of 1.7 million tons
Coke direct quenching system (CDQ)
These projects also enjoyed up to date equipment and technologies, the production value within the holding is not the only objective, but the increase the share in GDP is the mission.

Projects that will be ready for commissioning after the 2016 - 2017
These projects also include exploration, mining and mining industries infrastructure.
These projects include:
Direct reduction of Bootia with the capacity of two million tons per year, which will come into operation in 2018;
Bootia steelmaking with the capacity of 1.5 million tons will be ready for operation in 2018;
Bootia 500 MW power plant come into network in 2018;
Preparation and mining project of Khomrud mine in 2017;
Enterprise resource planning of MIDHCO (ERP) will be launched in 2019;
Preparation and extraction of Jalalabad iron ore mine
Gol-Gohar iron ore mine project No. 2, preparation and extraction
Gol-Gohar iron ore mine project No. 4, preparation and extraction
Gol-Gohar iron ore mine project No. 6, preparation and extraction
Chah Firuzeh copper mine project, preparation and extraction
Iron ore recrushing project
Five exploration projects

The importance of technology and knowledge in MIDHCO Holding
In MIDHCO the highest level of technology in steel industry is being used for both methods of production with blast furnace and direct reduction with gas. In addition, for the first time in world, copper cathode production with tank bioleaching technology with the capacity of 50 thousand tons is  close to commissioning. MIDHCO follows reduction of energy consumption, environmental hazards. Integrity of mining to industry, design and implementation of industrial units next to the mine. In addition, due to sewage treatment there will be considerable savings in water consumption as well as electricity and gas consumption.
The most important awards and plaques of appreciation for MIDHCO are as following:
Received National Award for business Excellence, (equal to EFQM)
Being among the top 100 mining companies of world based on capital market.
Top engineer in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Top researcher in the mining sector and mining industries
Top manager in mining in Iran
Being among two top Asian researcher in productivity by Asian Productivity Organization (APO).
This plaques of appreciation in the fields of science, technology and research and industrial minerals have been made through the efforts of managers, experts, staff and young people working in MIDHCO.

Importance of HSE in Holding MIDHCO
According to the needs and characteristics of the areas of activity in the mining industry and to facilitate the comprehensive policy-making and purposeful management and Integrated HSE, and ultimately achieving better performance levels in line with the objectives of the company in safety, health and environment and community, (HSEC Management).
The management targets include 34 paragraph that the most important ones are:
- Development and acknowledgment of the prospect, mission and policy of HSE in MIDHCO.
-Planning HSE in 3 levels, factory, company and the holding level consisting of 33 processes

Implementation of knowledge management with global models
To meet the challenges ahead in a turbulent world, every company needs to implement knowledge management with global models. In this regard, the company has implemented MIDKNOW project based on knowledge management. Since 2013, the company has developed knowledge management according to the model MAKE in all units from mine to the final product. In addition to management system mentioned above (ERP, HSEC, …. ),the international standards that are used in the company are including OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015 which are the basis for the creation and establishment of knowledge management with the approach of a learning organization.
MIDHCO has accepted to create value for customers and shareholders as a basic principle and in this respect, considers teamwork culture as a factor for its success in recent years.

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